Tattoo translations and Buddhist spells

pali tatoo

It is always refreshing to find somewhat of an unorthodox request for translation services land in your inbox.

A few weeks ago, a client asked us to translate a tattoo they had recently had done in Khmer script, fearing he may have been victim to an embarrassing mistranslation – such as a restaurant menu rather than a sage proverb.

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SAVE THE DATE: Annual “Hospices of Hope” Ball Thursday 21st May 2015

Say farewell to the long, dark winter days and prepare yourself and your friends for a magical journey ‘Along the Enchanted Way’ at the Hospices of Hope’s Annual Romanian Ball.

This year we celebrate the captivating Romanian countryside and enjoy the myths and magic on offer at the prestigious Plaisterer’s Hall in the heart of the City of London.

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Will Word Lens make travellers less likely to learn the language?

google translate goes live

Google’s newest attempt at Star Trek style instant translation incorporates something a lot of us have had our eyes on for some time, the Word Lens instant text translation app. While some are ecstatic to have this power at their fingertips, others worry that this is another step in the dumbing-down of western civilisation.

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Targets missed in Translation: Who’s really to blame?


The Courts Minister calls it a significant improvement whilst the Law Society deems it to be shocking. These are two polar opposite views about the latest figures from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) that show the outsourcing of courtroom interpreting to a single supplier has consistently fallen short of hitting its 98% performance target but who’s right?

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Roger James Elsgood talks to Aleksandar Gatalica about literary translation and his recent book ‘The Great War’

Alexandar Galatica

In the second of his Today Translations audio interviews, Roger James Elsgood talks to Aleksandar Gatalica about literary translation and his recent book ‘The Great War’.
Aleksandar Gatalica is a Serbian writer, editor, music critic and broadcaster. He is also a translator specialising in works written in ancient Greek. Aleksandar Gatalica’s own work has been translated into more than ten languages.

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