World’s largest democracy presents the world’s greatest linguistic challenge

Image: A supporter wearing a mask of Modi, prime ministerial candidate for India's main opposition BJP, cheer as Modi arrives to file nomination papers for the general elections in Vadodara

Prime ministerial elections in India, the world’s largest democracy, pose a number of complex challenges and obstacles to candidates and their parties. One of the trickiest is how to communicate to – and win over – an electorate that speaks almost 450 languages.

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Italy hopes English translation will draw foreign investment


On his first state visit to London last week, Italy’s new Prime Minister, Matteo Renzi, announced an additional tweak to his country’s labour market rules that could make a significant difference to its still-ailing economy. The labour code articles will be translated into English.

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Today Translations recommissioned for the Christiane Amanpour programme

CNN screenshot

Last Sunday, Today Translations was recommissioned by CNN to provide interpreting services for the Christiane Amanpour programme.

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Padėkite verslininkui, lektoriui, laisvės kovotojui Vladui Lašui siekti Lietuvos Respublikos Prezidento posto


P6MDTXJ5_english_thumb Norėdami perskaityti šį straipsnį anglų kalba spauskite čia.

Vienas sėkmingiausių Lietuvos verslininkų Vladas Lašas yra įsitikinęs, kad verslo teikiamos naudos gavėja pirmiausia turi būti visuomenė. Jis tvirtai mano, kad į valstybės valdymą privalome įtraukti kuo daugiau „nepolitikų“ – įvairių sričių profesionalų, kurie savo kitokia patirtimi, požiūriu ir darbo metodais padės Lietuvai judėti į priekį.

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Help entrepreneur, lecturer and freedom fighter Vladas Lašas’ bid for Lithuanian Presidency


lithuania-flagsmall Click here to read in Lithuanian

Lithuanian Entrepreneur Vladas Lašas believes that society should be the primary beneficiary of his business ventures, credentials fit for a President.

Ambition, innovation, inspiration: these are not the kind of buzz words I would typically associate with a politician. But every so often, a candidate arrives on the scene with the potential to truly shakeup the political establishment. Read more

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