When Translation Becomes Life-Critical

Up at the very sharp end of translation services lies the requirement for the total elimination of any ambiguity or error in translated texts – in order for people to stay alive.

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War Zone Linguists

war interpreter talks to villagers

Wars have happened since the dawn of time and will continue to happen until dusk falls over the planet. Wars are either about one nation seizing territory from another, (WW2), or assisting an ally to defend itself against an attacker (WW1), or protecting essential global assets (Iraq, The Gulf 1&2), stemming the tide of terrorism (Afghanistan), or religion (take your pick).

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Can you be funny in a foreign language?

Fringe festival

The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is in full swing again for the month. There have been a growing number of stand ups at the festival from non-English speaking countries over the past few years but is stand up in a second language really possible?

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How Finding Your Inner Goddess led Jurga and Cassandra to meet…

Cassandra Campbell-Kemp

After 40 years in the corporate world, Cassandra Campbell-Kemp had embarked upon a new venture, teaching self-empowerment by working with the Archetypes, Mythology and the Greek Gods.

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Who’s afraid of the Cyber-Wolf?

David Clarke IT Governance speech

When the walls twice came tumbling down around the two little pigs, I imagine they had a brief moment to reflect on their short dancing careers as they dashed to the safety of their brother’s safe house with bad old Wolfie’s breath bearing down on their hind quarters.

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