Dirty Money Disguised in Translation: Experts describe the vital steps to stop criminals hiding behind language

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Poverty, anarchy, terrorism and organised crime are threats that will come much closer to home if we allow criminals to launder their ill-gotten gains through UK banks, bogus companies and real estate warned David Clarke, the former head of the City Police Fraud Squad. His grim forecast came as he opened a breakfast briefing last week in Whitehall, where experts from BAE Systems, DWF LLP, BNP Paribas Real Estate and Today Advisory explained how to identify and manage serious risks that are hidden in foreign languages.

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Awful subtitle translations mar Guardians of the Galaxy release in China


How much damage can some lazy translation work to a film franchise. For Marvel, whose summer blockbuster Guardians of the Galaxy opened in China earlier this month, the damage levels may be, well, intergalactic.

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How to De£use the Fraud and Mone¥ Laundering Tim€ Bomb Ticking in Tran$lation

In the upcoming FREE webinar tomorrow the 14th October 1PM, Today Translations Board Member David Clarke will be speaking about security threats in multilingual environment. If you would like to participate in the webinar – please follow the instructions on the webinar software screen below.

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Food for Thought

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A Developing Taste

It’s not often I can find any goodness in budget airlines, their only uplift is technical, but, I reckon it’s mostly down to Ryanair and EasyJet, that European literature is on the rise in the UK.

Fifteen years ago the change in UK eating habits was laid at the door of low-cost foreign travel. Those Monarch charter flights to Corfu from Luton Airport  in the 80s lead to the flourishing of many a taverna on a London high street, and then summer sojourns in Tuscany and Dordogne fuelled our desire for real pasta and Terrine de Canard – Spaghetti Hoops and Shippam’s Duck Paste would no longer hack it, dinner party-wise.

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Demand for literary translations reaches all-time high


Literary translators rejoice, as this summer the UK has seen a reported “mini-boom” in the popularity of foreign authors.

The Guardian reports that British book worms have picked translated works off the shelves in record numbers this year. The most popular novels, unsurprisingly perhaps, have come from the Scandinavian shores thanks to the popularity of Stieg Larson’s Millenium series, as well as Nordic television dramas such as The Killing and The Bridge.

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