The unseen security and compliance risks of free online translation

Online translation tools risk

We all enjoy killing time on the internet chuckling at embarrassing mistranslations. This popular pastime has even catapulted some botched translations, such as “All your base are belong to us” and “Pepsi Brings Your Ancestors Back from the Grave,” into internet infamy. Well, you get what you pay for.

Nevertheless, ongoing growth in global marketing and communications has only increased the temptation to resort to the web’s fast, free and anything-but-perfect machine translation tools. Read more

The universal language of music – the Proms returns for its 119th year


The BBC Proms, or ‘The Henry Wood Promenade Concerts’, to give them their proper moniker, are upon us again. It has become de rigeur in recent years to regard Glastonbury as the UK’s numero uno music bash, but three days of rock and roll in the rain of Somerset has got nothing on eight weeks of seriously good concerts in South Kensington. Read more

Crowdsourced subtitles – the future of YouTube?

youtube subtitling future

YouTube announced plans last month for several new features, including a feature that will enable users to ask their viewers to provide translated subtitles for videos.

With a community of more than 1 billion viewers across the globe and the majority of video content being created in English, this new feature makes a lot of sense.
Read more

In the cyber war room, troops from the C-suite ignore the threat at their peril warns British entrepreneur

internet world

When your CEO starts talking about Cyber threats to the business it might be unnerving to some; when the boss rolls up her sleeves, learns to code computers and starts to build workflow technology systems to mitigate the risk of fraud and cyber-attack you know they’re pretty serious about security. Read more

FIFA Speaking in Tongues


Before the start of the Brazil – Columbia World Cup quarter-final game, with teams lined up to swear national fidelity through their respective national anthems, the UK ITV viewing audience was told, confidently, by Clive Tyldesley the match commentator that “the two team captains will read out a statement condemning all forms of discrimination. The Brazil captain will speak in his national Portuguese and the Colombian captain in Spanish – and we will interpret”. Read more

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