Live Interpreting for CNN


Today Translations was employed by CNN this week to provide live simultaneous interpreting services for the Christine Amanpour programme.

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Why the role of SMEs is vital to this year’s Apprenticeship Week


It seems Government investment has paid off. This year’s Apprentice Week is making an unprecedented amount noise, with more than 1,000 events planned and 44 per cent of all UK businesses reportedly set to offer apprenticeship placements within the next five years.

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Advisory Board Member David Clarke featured in the Independent


David Clarke, Today Translations’ Advisory Board Member for security assurance is featured in today’s Independent newspaper.

In the article, Clarke, one of Britain’s leading fraud experts, talks money laundering in London and lists some of the most popular methods villains use to clean their dirty money.

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On the Road with our Security Guardian


In this age of big data, access to the right information is a commanding force. Use it correctly, and in your hands you hold a supremely powerful instrument.

Yet how often do hear tales of gross negligence and ineptitude in how both public and private bodies treat their data (which often consists of our personal records!)?

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Coca Cola’s multilingual Super Bowl halftime advert stirs vitriol


A slot during the half-time intermission of the US Superbowl is some of the most expensive advertising real estate you can find. Coca Cola, one of, if not the most recognised global American brands stirred up a lot of discussion and, regrettably, vitriol for its multilingual advert.

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