Software and app localisation

software and app localisation

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Translating and localising your software

Software is meant to serve the user, not the other way round. That’s why when it comes to getting your software or mobile applications translated and localised for a new market, it is important that you have a team of experienced and professional translators and developers by your side.

At Today Translations, we make sure your software and mobile applications – whether they are Business-to-Business applications (CRM, ERP, Sales Force Automation, E-commerce, etc.), office programmes or mobile games – are adapted as if they had produced exclusively for your target markets. We can handle all computer and mobile operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Our global network of linguists have the experience and know-how to dive into your code, whether it is .NET, Java, HTML 5 or Flash.

In case your translation was made in Word or XML files before going live into your software applications, we can also provide you with multilingual proof-readers once the content has been uploaded. They will make sure that the translation is accurate and matches the context where it appears and that any images are culturally sensitive and relevant to your target audience.

Localisation done right

Languages play a vital role here. But in the same way a software application written in European Portuguese will look odd to a Brazilian user, a Spanish programme needs to address the Spanish, Mexican and the other South-American markets. Disregarding slight changes in language, dialects and other cultural differences will inevitably dash all your good hopes (and investment) in software translation and software localisation.

Getting it right, however, and you have a truly global product and business on your hands.

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Growth in the tech sector

Software and mobile applications know no boundaries. The globalisation of the economy, the booming of multilingual internet subscribers and web content, as well as the increasing importance of e-commerce expansion, are driving the growth of software translation and software localisation. After the daunting years of 2000-02, software providers have endeavored to improve the accessibility and user-friendliness of their applications and appeal to potential users and customers around the world.

Today Translations’ localisers work closely with our clients to ensure an accurate, speedy and tailored delivery. Just tell us which language combinations you require and we will do the rest.

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