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Advertising Translation Services

Trusted Expertise

Generating Revenue for Clients

We have over 2000 clients globally using our services to win business contracts in multiple languages.

Localised Content

Achieve global impact with appropriately localised content that engages the reader and stimulates search engines.

DTP and Typesetting

Save up to 20% of your time by using our DTP and typesetting services. Content arrives fit for purpose and ready to be published.

Industry Experience

facebook translation twitter translation mailchimp translation final cut pro translation indesign translations

  • 1,200+ industry-specific linguists
  • 21% average budget saving from sector-specific translation memories
  • 20% average time saving from in-house typesetting
  • 600,000,000 word translation capacity per annum for marketing

Advertising Campaign Localisation

International advertising is a double-edged sword. Get it right and your campaign can receive global recognition and massively raise your brand’s profile. Get it wrong and you have an international embarrassment on your hands.

Advertising is expensive. To maximise ROI, you need to talk to people in their own language. But that doesn’t just mean translation. International advertising needs to pay attention to the tone of voice and cultural factors. That’s why our linguists at Today Translations are experts in localisation and transcreation.

Localisation involves more than translation. It takes account of cultural differences and advertising conventions, and aims to craft a campaign that engages foreign customers. Transcreation is a collaborative and consultative venture that considers all the above and more to create a new campaign that’s perfect for the target audience.

You’re in good hands with us. We use native translators with at least a Masters in their languages who also have verified experience in advertising and marketing. This way, we achieve 99.5% first-time accuracy on translated content.

We’re experienced with multichannel campaigns, including online, print, TV, radio and more. We can also handle voiceover, subtitling, dubbing for TV and radio, typesetting for digital and print media, and SEO and PPC for online.

Recent Projects

kipling translations

Translation, Proofreading, and
150,000 words translated

drink translation

Leading Drinks Brand
Translation, Proofreading, and
1,600,000 words translated

tigi translations

Translation, Proofreading, and
340,000 words translated

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Content We Translate

  • Online adds
  • Online and Print Media
  • Graphics
  • TV commercials
  • Radio ads
  • Social Media
  • Voiceover, Subtitling, and Dubbing
  • Advertorials

Industry Insight

game localisation indonesia
Future of game localisation in South-East Asia will be decided by Indonesian market

Localising mobile games to local tastes can be hard-coming. In South-East Asia, diverse demographics in neighbouring regions are challenging developers to find the right balance.