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Air Travel Industry Translation Services

Trusted Expertise

Generating Revenue the World Over

We have over 2,000 global clients who use our services to win contracts by making their business fluent in multiple languages.

On time, every time

Our APM-qualified project managers hit 99.8% of their deadlines, working within a robustly controlled risk- and change-management framework.

Translation Memory Efficiency Savings

Because we use a Translation Memory management service, a database that stores frequently used phrases, clients save around 20%.

Industry Experience

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  • 600+ industry-specific linguists
  • 21% average budget saving from sector-specific translation memories
  • 300,000,000 word translation capacity per annum for Travel and Leisure industries

Revenue-Generating Translation for the Airlines Industry

Low-cost airlines, easy online booking and changes in airport infrastructure have all radically altered the global tourism agency. The days of the high-street travel agent for ticket sales are long gone. Online information is the future and, for maximum impact, it must be translated so that travellers can book in their own language.

Ultimately, your end goal is to fill your aircraft, especially with growing numbers of Chinese and Indian middle-classes picking Europe and North America as travel destinations. This has been accelerated by budget airlines taking on long-haul flights. So you need to maximise your revenue, and your text must stand out.

Increasing competition in the airports, air freight and support services markets is also an issue. To set you apart, you need a persuasive and accurate text that works in any language or culture.

At Today Translations, we don’t just translate. The linguists we assign to you are qualified to at least Masters level and all are chosen based on their relevant experience and verified industry credentials.

They’ll also be able to localise your text (make it fit the local culture) and offer transcreation, which means creating a new copy in the target language that retains the tone and style of the original text. We can even use DTP to get it market-ready.

Recent Projects

sas translations

Promotional Brochures
Translation, Proofreading, and

gatwick airport translation

Gatwick Airport
HR Documentation
Translation and Proofreading

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Gate Gourmet
Training Material
Translation and Proofreading

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Content We Translate

  • Website Localisation
  • Branding Collateral and Copywriting
  • Voiceover, Subtitling, Dubbing for Video
  • Inflight Magazines and Entertainment
  • Branding and Copywriting
  • Press Releases
  • Print and Digital Marketing
  • Legal and Contractual Material
  • Commercial agreements
  • HR Policy and Documentation

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