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Some digital neologisms are also breaking the language barrier

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Tom Chatfield's book, Netymology: A Linguistic Celebration of the Digital World, delves into the origins of the vocabulary that has come to define the current era of the internet. We then decided to look into the most popular digital neologisms and their translation in other languages. In an article for the Guardian, Chatfield looks at some of the most common neologisms that we encounter when surfing the web - words such as "avatar", "LOL" and "trolling".

The Mexico Barbie Project: The fine line between cultural representation and stereotypes

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Mexico Barbie, part Mattel's "Dolls of the World" line, does not sit well with some sections of the US's Hispanic community. Others, however, refuse to make a deal out of it. The case highlights the thin line that sometimes separates cultural representation and ethnic stereotypes. The recent controversy surrounding Mexico Barbie serves as an interesting case study for any company looking to shape their product around specific traditions.