Learn Romanian with Dracula

Halloween is this week, which means all kinds of tricks, treats, and ghoulish creatures are soon to appear. Arguably one of Halloween's the most iconic characters is Count Dracula, the title character from Bram Stoker's 1897 novel.

Five things Boris Johnson can teach you before your trade mission to China

London Mayor Boris Johnson wrapped up a six day trade mission to China last week, in a bid to encourage investment in the capital. Widely reported as well received, he seemed to charm audiences while promoting the best of British. Here are five things Boris Johnson can teach you before doing business in China:

How Manchester City gained 25,000 fans in 2 months

Last week Manchester City officially launched 10 new language-specific Twitter accounts, enabling them to connect with fans in 160 countries. Fans who speak Traditional Chinese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai will now be able to read tweets from the club. These new languages follow previous Twitter accounts in English and Arabic.

Crowdsourcing to banish ‘Chinglish’

Netizens of the web, gather 'round, for we have a challenge for you: to banish 'Chinglish' from the Chinese city of Shenzhen. 'Chinglish,' the term given to Chinese-to-English mistranslations often seen on street signs or menus, are popular on the Internet and with English tourists and expats in China. However, the city of Shenzhen is looking to put a stop to it by crowd sourcing efforts to have their signs properly translated.

Four new classic literature translations

A literary translator's work is never done, with new classic literature translations appearing every week. Literary translators are often found behind the scenes, working to translate stories for a demanding audience, or for the pleasure of the challenge. Here are four new incredible literature translations of books you likely grew up reading:

Devil’s Acre: A Russian Novel

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Travel writer, journalist and close friend of Today Translations Jonathan Bastable has recently released his first novel. Devil's Acre: A Russian Novel has just been published on Kindle and tells the story of love, suppression and forbidden architecture in Soviet Russia. Devil's Acre is set in Moscow in 1982. Vadim, a young man from Leningrad, is headed to the capital to begin his journalism studies at MGU, Moscow State University.

Video about translations goes viral

Translators are a waste of space. Shocking statement, isn't it? One Norwegian linguist has used this line to spark a conversation after creating the following video and showcasing it on YouTube.

12 Amazing Translations of Chinese Brand Names

Brand names around the world come embedded with deep meanings and connotations, but nowhere is this more true than in China. Western brands looking to export abroad must translate and localise to a Chinese brand name, or they risk losing out on a growing market. But it's not as straightforward as you might think: do you translate the phonetic sounds, the name, the meaning, or create something new altogether?