Podcast: David & David on Dangerous Derivatives

Veteran senior financial services analyst David Hendler tells former Police Fraud Squad Chief David Clarke how investors and investigators can identify derivative based financial instruments that can spell danger.

How language services are used to combat corruption, money laundering and data theft

Many companies that trade with overseas customers and suppliers, or through agents in foreign markets are awakening to a threat as old as trade itself: the danger of fraud through deliberate misinterpretation of information. There are three principle tiers of multi-lingual due diligence that professionals should consider when handling sensitive documents in a foreign language.

Will Word Lens make travellers less likely to learn the language?

Google’s newest attempt at Star Trek style instant translation incorporates something a lot of us have had our eyes on for some time, the Word Lens instant text translation app. While some are ecstatic to have this power at their fingertips, others worry that this is another step in the dumbing-down of western civilisation.

Targets missed in Translation: Who’s really to blame?

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The Courts Minister calls it a significant improvement whilst the Law Society deems it to be shocking. These are two polar opposite views about the latest figures from the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) that show the outsourcing of courtroom interpreting to a single supplier has consistently fallen short of hitting its 98% performance target but who's right?

The Importance of Being Scottish by David of Bonnie Doncaster

For the best part of five decades, I’d assumed that nurture and my obsession with collecting toy soldiers as a boy was responsible for my endless love of the unmistakable plaid of Scotland. Those classic images of the gallant Black Watch at Waterloo as they prepared for another destructive attack from the French Cuirassiers and scenes captured on celluloid in the blockbuster ‘Braveheart’ are engrained in my soul.

Who’s afraid of the Cyber-Wolf?

When the walls twice came tumbling down around the two little pigs, I imagine they had a brief moment to reflect on their short dancing careers as they dashed to the safety of their brother’s safe house with bad old Wolfie’s breath bearing down on their hind quarters. Just as we all brush off a close shave the playful pigs probably chuckled as they sipped their tot of rum by the fire.