How the UK became the world’s third biggest online exporter

Britain has become the world’s third largest online exporter, behind only the United States and Japan, according to survey research released by PayPal and Ipsos MORI towards the end of last year. Effective website localisation, international market research and the global recognition of Brand Britain have all played a major part.

Celebrating Christmas in South and Southeast Asia

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While Christmas in South and Southeast Asia doesn’t quite draw the same traditional festivities as in Europe or theAmericas, countries in the region still host many of their own distinctive celebrations to mark the holiday.

The Today Translations 4DMR Website Localisation Process

Today Translations has pioneered a comprehensive, highly structured approach to website translation and localisation. Known as 4DMR (discover, design, develop, deploy, measure and refine), it is designed for clients to effectively target online users and rank in the target country. This consultative and pragmatic service is the most comprehensive industry model for online success.

Tattoo translations and Buddhist spells

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It is always refreshing to find somewhat of an unorthodox request for translation services land in your inbox. A few weeks ago, a client asked us to translate a tattoo they had recently had done in Khmer script, fearing he may have been victim to an embarrassing mistranslation – such as a restaurant menu rather than a sage proverb.