A French Phrasebook for the Footballing Philosopher

There is no better time than Euro 2016 to sharpen up your French skills. Today Translations' French phrasebook will whisk you round from the basics of conversation, exclamation, and finally to stoic acceptance of the inevitable - the anticlimactic end of the tournament.

In Praise Of: The World’s Best Writing System

Not all writing systems are born equal. While most emerge gradually as a hotch-potch mix of what came before, one major world writing system simply appeared in the 15th century as a masterpiece of efficient design - a system so good it even has national holidays in its honour. Click to read more...

Localisation and the Law: A Catalan Conundrum

Language laws in Spanish Catalonia are causing a simmering row about consumer rights and freedom of expression. While the punitive laws favouring the Catalan language have both adherents and detractors, they appear to be here to stay - so what can businesses learn from this situation?

TT Features: Deborah Smith, Literary Translator and Winner of the Man Booker International Prize

Literary translators are often made to live in the shadows. However, A rethink of the Man Booker International Prize's format has given a whole new generation of translators the opportunity to share the limelight (and proceeds) of their hard work - starting this year with Han Kang's "The Vegetarian", translated by Brit Deborah Smith, who just seven years ago spoke not a word of Korean...

Astonishing AI: Meet Google’s SyntaxNet

On the back of their greatly hyped success with AlphaGo, Google's Artificial Intelligence research has made a fascinating breakthrough by applying deep neural network technologies to natural language processing. It's just a shame about the nickname...

Not Remotely Humerus: Why Medical Translation Matters

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Translation intersects with many industries to help spread their messages - but in the case of medical translations, the risks involved make success in this enterprise even more demanding. Today Translations examines why the medical sector can pose such complex problems for the translator, and what happens on the rare occasions when things go wrong.

Can You Lose Your First Language?

It's the constant battle of translators and amateur learners alike - staying on top of all your foreign language skills, all at once. But is it possible that the same phenomenon of grammatical rustiness could affect your mother tongue, too? Today Translations surveys the evidence.

Animal Languages & Dolphin Discourse

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You might never stop to think about how amazing it is, but the human capacity to learn and use language is something that makes us fundamentally unique on this planet. Or does it? Recent research into co-operative communication by dolphins has shed light on the ways these intelligent mammals transmit messages to overcome challenges - which is eerily like what we do... Today Translations takes a look at some of the issues surrounding 'animal languages'.

TT Features: Solveiga Pakštaitė of Design by Sol – Shell LiveWIRE 2015

In our final installment of the Shell LiveWIRE features, TT speaks to Solveiga Pakštaitė of Design By Sol, whose eco-conscious designs have been garnering plaudits from all corners for some time. That doesn't look set to change any time soon. On the back of her success at the Shell LiveWIRE annual awards in March, Solveiga was kind enough to speak to Today Translations about her plans.