The Coolest Emoji Music Video Ever

Appearing on every platform from i-phones to the mighty IMAX screens, the colourful emojicom is now centre stage in the coolest music video, thanks to Berlin band Yuri & Neil.

Berkeley Neuroscientists Create Amazing Interactive ‘Brain Atlas’

Translation intersects with many industries to help spread their messages - but in the case of medical translations, the risks involved make success in this enterprise even more demanding. Today Translations examines why the medical sector can pose such complex problems for the translator, and what happens on the rare occasions when things go wrong.

TT Features: Ravi Toor of Filamentive – Shell LiveWIRE 2015 Finalist

Ravi Toor is not your typical undergraduate. He's chosen entrepreneurial ambition over the student life with his sustainable 3D printing company Filamentive, and has since been rewarded as a finalist of the Shell LiveWIRE Young Entrepreneur of the Year competition. He was kind enough to speak with Today Translations about his business and his goals.

Language Wars: What Does the Ascent of Mandarin Mean for Cantonese?

The language map of China presents a complex challenge even for linguists to decode. What hope do businesses have? Despite the countrywide rise of Mandarin as an official language, there is still fierce local pride in the Cantonese language, and this could offer interesting opportunities for localization.

Free Webinar: Disclosing a Cyber-crime to the Authorities

On 22nd July 2015, our Advisory Board Member David Clarke, the former head of the City of London Police fraud squad, founder of the UK National Fraud Intelligence Bureau and Today Translations’ special advisor on security explores the dilemma of making a disclosure of cyber-crime/incident to the authorities.

Check-list of bullet-proof email marketing campaign

Good for those big players with their data-driven automated solutions - they can boast about their huge revenues driven by email marketing or other marketing campaigns. But what do you do if you are a small business, do not have any BIG data or money for super smart solutions and still want to begin with something? The answer is - start with one of the cheapest means of marketing - email marketing. Below is a cheat-list for improving your campaign or at least move it in the right direction.