ARINC is the US leading provider of transport, communication and security systems for the aviation industry. The company has provided border management solutions for governments across the world, including the UK. They are one of Today Translations’ biggest US clients, and we have proudly provided them language solutions since 2004.


In 2009, ARINC began working on a programme designed to boost airport border security. The programme, known as Electronic Borders, provides a highly secure communication exchange on passenger information between airlines and airport border control agencies. Naturally, given the global nature of air traffic, meant the program needed to be rolled out in airports across the world.


ARINC approached Today Translations with the task of translating the marketing materials for the Electronic Borders program, from English into ten European languages – from French to Romanian. To guarantee delivery, the project managers at Today Translations needed to supervise several teams of translators and proof readers to ensure that every language combination could be rolled out concurrently.


Six days following the order confirmation, Today Translations delivered and ARINC had its marketing materials ready to be distributed to Europe’s airports. If you have ever travelled through a European airport, chances are you’ve seen our work.

Since then, the company’s Electronic Border program has expanded in to Asia and has become the vanguard for airport security program around the world. Today Translations has subsequently provided ARINC with translated bids for tender processes that have also proven successful.