Evidon is a US company that programmes and designs technical solutions for hosts of different businesses, providing them with unique insight into online marketing technologies and data. Today Translations has been translating their programs and applications since 2011.

As new EU regulations came into effect in May 2012 – stipulating that websites must now notify users when they use cookies, Evidon began rolling out their cookie consent tool to a number of clients. This meant that most official European Union languages needed to be included, as well as Norwegian.

The word count was not too large. However, our translators needed to reckon with the fact that stings had to be changed around, depending on the sentence structure – a key concept of localisation.

The full project, translated into 15 different languages, was delivered in only five days. Later that same year, Evidon approached Today Translation to work on translation and localisation work for its Ghostery browser extension, including updates to the terms and conditions and frequently asked questions.