Previously part of British Rail, Freightliner provides trunk rail services between key ports and inland rail freight interchanges within the UK, supplemented with local road services. Freightliner Heavy Haul operates nationwide in the coal, aggregates, cement, specialist minerals, waste and petroleum sectors.

As part of the expansion of the company’s operations into the Polish and German markets, Freightliner appointed Today Translations to localise their corporate website and literature into Polish and German. Freightliner requested an accurate and spotless translation of the industry terminology, which would also be able to sell the company’s services to their target markets. The translation of the website was to be processed and tested in HTML format prior to delivery.

Today Translations employed a team of native Polish and German translators who combined expert knowledge of logistics and industrial terminology with marketing and sales experience. Translation-memory technology was employed throughout the project, ensuring cost effectiveness to the customer, consistent terminology, and efficient handling of HTML files.

Our company ensured the English to German translation and English to Polish translation met exacting localisation requirements as regards measurement units and technical jargon. At the same time, marketing and sales terminology were successfully adapted to meet the needs and expectations of the target markets. Proofreading was implemented during the various stages of the process to guarantee a spotless, spot-on translation.

All HTML files were tested internally before being delivered to the client to ensure all webpage elements were being displayed correctly in German and Polish and to guarantee there would be no text overflows.