Lycatel is a mobile virtual network operator and a global market leader in the field of prepaid international telecommunications, operating in 16 countries around the world.

Today Translations has been providing translation services both to them and to their flagship mobile brand, Lycamobile, since 2011.

In late 2012, Lycamobile began planning the relaunch of their websites, which is when they approached Today Translations to translate and localise a number of headlines and navigation bars from English into 14 different languages, including Romanian, Portuguese and Hindi.

The translated and localised web copy was delivered in just under one week, with 29 translators and proof readers taking part in the project. The new websites went live shortly thereafter.

In the months following the project, Today Translations has provided other services: including further copy for the website, marketing materials and advertisement banners – both online and in physical form. Today Translations has also been approached to help in translating and localising the company’s upcoming LycaMoney initiative.