OPTUM (former PPC Worldwide)

OPTUM (former PPC Worldwide) is one of the world’s leading providers of Employee Assistance Programmes (EAP), focusing on employee well-being and personal development. They are one of Today Translations’ closest clients, having used our translation services up to 20 times throughout the last year alone.

One of our earliest projects for OPTUM required the translation and localisation of their online EAPs, which would go on to be purchased by companies around the world. The platform was designed to help the companies make their employees feel motivated, perform better at the work place and tackle any external issues affecting their personal lives. The platform is vast – the English version alone consisting of almost 200,000 words.

Being one of the largest-scale projects we have ever undertook on such short notice, the platform needed to be translated into ten major languages. The deadline was in one week. Given the vast size of the project and the tight deadline, we needed to source more than 50 translators and proofreaders to work on the translations simultaneously through Microsoft Sharepoint. The linguists, meanwhile, needed to ensure that their translation met the Flesch-Kincaide readability test.

The successful delivery of one of the most demanding projects Today Translations has ever taken on has resulted in a stable business relationship with OPTUM and a number of subsequent inquiries. Follow up ad hoc projects have mainly included translating and typesetting OPTUM’s marketing materials, including one campaign into over 25 languages.