Sucden Ltd

Sucden Ltd is one of the UK’s leading commodity and financial futures and options brokers. With over 35 years in the financial market, they now boast offices in Hong Kong, Russia, Germany, The Netherlands and France. Sucden’s parent company – Sucres et Denies SA, which is based in France, holds a 20% market share in the sugar trading industry operating throughout the world.

Sucden appointed Today Translations to localise their financial brochures, presentations and corporate website; all consisting of 30,000+ words of English into Russian and Chinese Mandarin. Sucden requested an accurate and spotless translation of industry terminology, in a bid to sell the company’s services to their target markets.

Today Translations employed a team of expert English to Russian and English to Chinese Mandarin native translators and localisation professionals, who combined expert knowledge of financial markets with marketing and sales experience. Equipped with translation-memory technology, financial expertise and exceptional linguistic skills, our translators were able to efficiently localise the different materials, paying particular attention to the technical jargon and corporate style.

The project underwent several layers of verification and quality assurance before being sent to the client, thereby guaranteeing that the end product was grammatically accurate and semantically perfect.

Since then, we have developed a healthy corporate relationship with Sucden Ltd, which continues to this day.