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Construction Translation Services

Trusted Expertise

Localised Translators

Your project will be handled by local translators whose mother tongue is always the target language. Our global trusted network can translate 200 language combinations, working in your locality or as part of our in-house team.

Deadlines are Everything

Your deadlines are critical. APM-qualified project managers working in a robust risk- and change-management framework ensure we meet 99.8% of all deadlines set.

Technical Software Expertise

We search the world for professional linguists who are at the top of their game and who also have skills in industry-specific software such as AutoCAD. That way, your translation is right first time, every time.

Industry Experience

autocad translation prince2 translation hse translation adobe ilustrator translation ilo translations

  • 1,000+ industry-specific linguists
  • 21% average budget saving from chemicals industry-specific translation memories
  • 600,000,000 word translation capacity per annum

Sector Expertise in Construction and Materials Translation

The language and terminology of the construction and materials industry demands translators who are not only first-class linguists but who have specific understanding of the sector.

We go to great lengths to source translators from around the world who are qualified to at least Masters level and who understand your business.

They know your industry jargon and the nuances of translating it. They also know the pressures you face daily, such as juggling the global supply chain, organising logistics and ensuring everyone around the world has clear instructions in their native language. They understand that imprecision on paper can lead to potentially dangerous errors in practice.

At Today Translations, we’ve worked with some of the world’s largest construction firms. Our translators make sure that we localise your content down to not only language but also dialect and region.

We’ll meet your deadlines and safeguard your data to unique levels. And if you need a specific process implemented in line with your working style, we’re flexible and ready to listen.

Recent Projects

barrat translations

Barratt Developments
Translation, Proofreading,
Legal and Regulatory Documents
8 Languages


Leading Professional Services Consultancy
Translation and Proofreading
130+ Projects
800,000 words translated

yankee candle translations

Mace Group
Translation and Proofreading
120,000 words translated

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Content We Translate

  • Construction Plans
  • Technical Drawings (CAD, CAM, MEP)
  • Construction Specifications
  • Bid Documentation
  • National Master Specifications
  • Health and Safety Courses
  • BIM Courses
  • Bill of Materials
  • Construction Proposals
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Commercial Agreements and Protocols
  • Legal Documents and Correspondence

Industry Insight

4mld translation
4MLD: Measures to Identify Fraud in Foreign Language Documents

Regulated professionals need to be especially diligent when reviewing documents from clients that are in foreign languages following the new anti-money-laundering (AML) rules that came into force on 26th June according to David Clarke, the former head of the UK National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB).