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    OPTUM (former PPC Worldwide)

    Read, Abstract, Translate, to Avoid Surprises

    We know we should always read the small print before we sign a contract because that’s where the nasty surprises can be hidden. When the contract is for a property purchase, lease agreement or a covenant, and it’s in another language, you have to be especially cautious.

    Visit our new lease abstraction translations page.

    Lease Abstraction is a fast and cost effective means to professionally abstract and translate key information from leases and other agreements that are in foreign languages, independently certify these as correct and provide these back to the client.

    Discover Safe AI that transforms Lease Translation.

    When you use this service, you decide what information you want abstracted from the document, translated and certified. This might be the name, address or company number of a party to a contract or details of a beneficial owner to help you conduct due diligence. If you are on-boarding a new client or engaged in a merger and acquisition, the Lease Abstraction process is a fast and easy way to check large volumes of legal documents that are in multiple languages without incurring the cost of a full legal translation. The cost of reading, abstracting and translating information is economical and transparent because prices are based on a cost per page and which is agreed in advance and fixed.

    Mitigating Risk

    This service is also attractive to those who don’t want to put private data into Google translate, which could expose them to a breach of confidentiality and need the assurance that that the document has been read, abstracted and translated by a qualified linguist. Lease Abstraction is carried out by a vetted professional linguist who reads each page of the multilingual document, abstracts the information you require, translates it into your desired language and inserts this into a template. The work is supervised by a Today translations’ project manager who reviews the translated abstract, certifies it and returns it to you by secure data transfer.

    If the linguist or project manager identifies any issues whilst reading the multilingual document, the manager will promptly inform you of these and follow your further instructions.

    The Today Translations Lease Abstraction service is a ‘lite’ version of AMLiss™ which was created by the team of experts in linguistics and investigative techniques to help professionals in regulated sectors to identify and mitigate risks in multilingual communication.

    Why Today Translations?

    Today Translations pioneers security measures, becoming the first specialist language service provider in the world to achieve independent certification under ISO:27001 (the international information security standard) for its global operations. Organisations like the City of London Police, Cushman & Wakefield, Wilson James, and Tenet Law & Compliance are some of the organisations that use Today Translations’ Abstract service.

    When you want some independent assurance before you sign an agreement that is in a foreign language or has been translated by another party, get a quote for a Translated Abstract from Today Translations.


    Collyer Bristow

    "I am very pleased with the service that has been provided by Today Translations Limited. You differentiate yourselves by your keenness to please and in the efficiency of your response. On several occasions the translation has been completed and returned to me well before the contracted time which speaks highly of the level of service."Collyer Bristow

    City of London Police

    Steve Strickland (Academy Senior Police Lead)

    It is a privilege to be associated with Today Translations, they are a company that understands the importance of language and their Security Cleared Forensic Interpreters deliver reliable and accurate translations that are essential when conducting business in a global marketplace. With recent experience of conducting business with foreign governments, law enforcement and security services the importance of vetted and trusted linguists when communicating information in foreign languages at a meeting or event cannot be underestimated. Today Translations take security seriously and have been of great assistance to the Academy in securing business contacts in the UK and overseas. I can wholly recommend the discreet, professional and calm manner with which Today Translations deliver their service. The personnel they supply are always of the highest calibre and they have a wealth of professional experience on which to draw.

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