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Quality dubbing production for all your localisation needs.

  • Professional voice actors for all styles
  • Delivered in all formats
  • Secure, confidential handling


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Professional dubbing services

When subtitles aren't quite enough, Today Translations is happy to supply dubbing services, whether it be for a short piece of film or an entire motion picture.

Different to our voiceover services, a dubbed soundtrack will have voice actors practically acting out the scene, translating not just the words, but also the emotions, expressions and annunciations.

Which is the right market for dubbed material?

In Europe, dubbed foreign films and television programs are most common in the Italian, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian and Russian-speaking markets.

Dubbed films and television programs are also mostly the norm in most of eastern Asia, while in the western hemisphere, dubbed films is most common in Brazil and the Quebec province in Canada.

An unbeatable service

Our dubbing services cover up to 60 different languages, with every actor working in their niche style - from those whose voices are domineering and authoritative, to those with voices softer and ideally suited for, say, childrens' cartoons.

Of course, should you require, we'll also translate the script from the original into the target language, as well as provide the dubbing service.

Whatever your requirements, our accounts and project management team are on hand to help and discuss what would work best for you and your production. And when it comes to sending over the material, all we require is the original film footage, which you can securely send to us through our FTP servers, and we'll do the rest.

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microsoft translation recommendations

Fareeha Hasani

Payments Programme Manager

Dynamic, established and creative organisation. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a translation service to add value to your business or project.

Saatchi translation service recommendation

Rahul C.Gaiiar

Finance & Operations Director

Considering the sheer volume of the project and the tight deadline, we sincerely appreciated the consistent quality and speed with which you returned the translations to us. I will most certainly be calling you the next time I'm in need of translation or interpreting services.

NBC Universal translation service recommendation

You guys are amazing! Thanks very much.

Thompson Reuters translation service recommendation

I’ve spoken with our production manager and he was happy with the scripts, and we all appreciated how quickly we got them back.

The interpreters were excellent! We would like to use them again.

Best in Class Customer Care. 95% Satisfaction Rate.