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Professional emoji translation services


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Emoji Language Translation Services

As one of the most popular languages used in everyday communications throughout the world the humble emoji has a lot to say. A small picture can represent a thousand words and where time is a premium, emojis are often used in place of common words and phrases. Not only are they used in personal communications, they also feature in messages between businesses too.

Used across a variety of platforms from Apple through to Android, the appearance of the emoji does vary slightly and the meanings can also change between cultures and countries. It is therefore important that any translation service of the emoji language is accurate and culturally correct.



Emojis and Communication

With emojis featuring in many different types of communications from email messages and social media posts through to text messages the recipient may need some assistance with translation. That’s where we come in. As one of the fastest growing languages what do you do if you receive a document and it is filled with emojis?

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We specialise in comprehensive emoji translation services, helping you understand what is being said and make sure others understand what you have to say. We can help you translate text to emoji or emoji to text for any purpose. Alternatively you may want to distribute an innovative marketing message to your customers who you know use emojis a lot. We can help you do just that from supporting the development of a unique marketing campaign that makes a lasting impression through to the completion of complex projects and assignments. Translation of emojis can be difficult, with many cultural variations and meanings making it even more complex. However, using our knowledge and expertise, we can deliver the right translations in the correct context.

Document Translation

There are so many reasons why you may need a document translating to or from emoji. You may want to send a letter with a difference which is filled with emojis or maybe you have received an ‘emoji message’ and want it translated into normal text. Our services are unique, fresh and innovative, meeting the requirements of modern day communications.

Language evolves at such a rapid rate, and if you use emojis a lot, you need to stay ahead and understand exactly what they mean, both when sending and receiving information.

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Although you may not be expecting an influx of emails and letters filled with emoji symbols, it is interesting to keep up to date with the changing way people communicate, particularly your customers. Understanding what an emoji is and how it can be used will certainly help.

The Digital World

With the growing use of the internet, emojis are used more and more as an easy way to communicate. We have been working in the translations industry for many years and over this time we have witnessed an extraordinary shift in the way businesses and individuals send and receive information. When working on emails for example, people will often use emojis in place of standard punctuation so the whole landscape of how people communicate both in a business and personal context is changing.

As the emoji continues to grow and evolve with new characters joining all the time, there is a growing demand for companies like ours to translate the emoji language.

Today Translations will use our vast experience in the emoji language to complete any type of translation project whether it is a brief email or a longer document. Our staff are skilled in deciphering emoji communications and can expertly translate even the most complex of documents.

If you’re interested in finding out more information on emoji translation, or even the history of emojis, please don’t hesitate to get in touch


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With their high standard of service, Today Translations ensured our message was conveyed clearly. Alongside the quality of the translations, their account managers were attentive quick to respond to any queries, ensuring the smooth running and successful delivery of all projects.

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Today Translations' standard of service, in terms of quality, time, and customer care, has been a great facilitator of Amnesty International's global efforts.

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