Safety on Construction Sites Made Easier with Multilingual Avatars

Safety transcends everything on construction sites. Multilingual digital human avatars have now come of age and are available to help safety teams save lives.

Senior representatives from Evernoon met with the Construction Industry Council (CIC) last week to discuss the use of AI solutions within the Hong Kong construction sector.

Jurga Zilinskiene MBE, Co-founder and CEO of Evernoon, said: “In the realm of construction, safety transcends all. With AI’s prowess, we’re on the brink of a revolution. I wish to share the profound impact of multilingual digital human avatars on safeguarding lives. I believe in the power of communication that resonates. By using digital avatars, we can transform safety briefings, making them accessible in every worker’s native tongue. Because when it comes to safety, every message counts, every life matters.”

The CIC’s exploration into AI’s potential is paving the way for ground-breaking health and safety advancements in construction.

We look forward to contributing to our shared goal of revolutionising the construction landscape through AI.