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You can be sure we’ll get the right tone of voice, thanks to our network of global translators qualified to at least Masters level. The team has an intimate knowledge of language with in-depth understanding of the clothing industries.

Save up to 20% with Translation Memory

We cut turnaround time, improve accuracy and save around 20% on your costs, using our Translation Memory management software.

Formatting Comes as Standard

We don’t just provide you with translated text. We format it. Our DTP and typesetting services ensure that your translated content is fit for purpose and ready to go.

Brand-Aware Translation for the Clothing, Footwear and Accessories Industry

Working in the fashion industry, you’ll know that communications can be complex. Audiences range from buyers to suppliers, to the media, and they’re often international. When your business is growing, it’s vital that your branding comes across in a way that chimes with each audience in their own tongue.

Here at Today Translations, we know that text for the clothing, footwear and accessories industry not only needs to be accurate but must also be creative and laced with a sound knowledge of the industry.

Thanks to our unique recruitment policy, you can count on us to provide linguists who are not only qualified to at least Masters standard but who are also sector experts in clothing, footwear and accessories. You can rely on them to translate engaging fashion articles in any of over 200 languages and a range of dialects.

This subject-matter expertise results in an outstanding first-time success rate on translation of 99.5%. Backing this up is our Translation Memory software, which lightens the workload of our translators and saves you around 20% on translation costs.

Content We Translate
  • Marketing Campaigns
  • Branding Collateral and Copywriting
  • Clothes Labels
  • Look Books
  • Catalogues
  • Press Releases
  • Product Descriptions
  • Websites and E-shops
  • Conferences and Promo Collateral
  • Social Media
Industry Experience

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1,200+ industry-specific linguists
21% average budget saving from sector-specific translation memories
20% average time saving from in-house typesetting
600,000,000 word translation capacity per annum

Recent Projects

michael korsMichael Kors
Translation, Proofreading,
and Typesetting
1.7 million words translated

French Connection_sqFrench Connection
Translation, Proofreading,
and Typesetting
340,000 words translated

Translation and Proofreading
Website Localisation
140,000 words translated

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