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With a trusted network of over 2500 translators, we service more than 200 language combinations. Linguists can work as part of our in-house team or we can assign one local to you.

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We meet 99.8% of deadlines thanks to APM-qualified project managers and a sound risk- and change-management framework.

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We don’t believe in hidden costs. Your quote includes all project-management fees, research and preparation, proofreading, certification, and maintaining your Translation Memory.

Swift Translation for the Funerals and Repatriation Sector

Bring a newly deceased person home from overseas for cremation or burial can sometimes be complex, with many legal formalities and practical issues involved.

Apart from languages, institutions and legislation are also involved. An institution that exists in one legal system often doesn’t exist in the other. Or maybe one word means something quite different in another system.

Our translators are qualified to a minimum of Masters level. Many also have legal qualifications and significant experience translating the necessary documents for funerals and repatriation.

They can swiftly handle the repatriation process from any country in the world, translating application forms, transportation documents, medical reports, identity documents and correspondence into over 200 languages.

We can certify, notarise or apostille as accurate any documentation for legal or insurance purposes. And we cover all deliverables by comprehensive global indemnity insurance, which includes US jurisdictions.

Content We Translate:
  • Repatriation Documents
  • Legal Documents and Correspondence
  • Death Certificates
  • Transportation Documents
  • Medical Reports
  • Passports
  • Transcripts
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Interpreting
Industry Experience


21% average budget saving from sector-specific translation memories
1,000 specialist translators in this industry
500,000,000 word translation capacity per annum for this industry

Recent Projects

Albin_sqAlbin International
Translation and Proofreading
300 projects
240,000 words translated

Rowland_sqRowland Brothers
Translation and Proofreading
200 Projects
220,000 words

Mandaris_sqMandaris AG
Transcription and Proofreading
100,000 words translated

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