NGO & Charity Translation Services

Trusted Expertise

Time-saving Translation Memory Software

You’ll get your translations quicker and save around 20% thanks to our Translation Memory management service.

Quality and Accuracy

Choosing highly qualified translators with verified industry credentials results in 99.5% first-time accuracy for translated content. We back this up with rigorous project management and Translation Memory management.

Ready to Publish

Using our DTP and typesetting services ensures your content is fit for purpose and ready for publication.

Translation for the NGOs and Charities Sectors

Translation for the NGOs and charities sectors has a bigger purpose: it must help create empathy and understanding, and bring people together in a common cause.

If you’re a charity, not-for-profit organisation, NGO, advocacy or aid group, you’ll probably operate internationally or need to communicate with non-native speakers where you’re based – translation helps communicate your message clearly and helps those in need across the globe.

Our global trusted network of over 2500 linguists always translate into their native tongue. They’re qualified to at least Masters level and always have verified industry credentials – linguists for each project based on their resume, relevant experience, and continuously monitored performance. This ensures accurate and clear communication.

Careful management of Translation Memory software, a linguistic database that captures translations as we work for future use, ensures consistency across all documents, and cuts costs and time.

We’re on the side of charities, using transcreation and localisation to ensure translated messages have the correct cultural slant and tone of voice.

Here are some of the charities we support.

We’re also happy to provide certified, sworn or notarised translation for submission of translated documents to official bodies.

Content We Translate:
  • Events Branding and Documentation
  • Online and Print Communications
  • Interviews and Surveys
  • Website Localisation
  • Legal Documents and Correspondence
  • Training Courses and Supporting Material
  • Research and Reports
  • Interpreting
  • Video Dubbing and Subtitling
  • Policy Documents
  • Bids, Tenders and Procurement
Industry Experience

UN_sqCharities ComissionICFO_sqwp sqindesign_sq

300+ clients in e-learning & education
2,120 educational projects handled
606 specialist translators in this industry
13.2 million words translated to date

Recent Projects

UN_sqUnited Nations Environment Programme
Translation and Proofreading
1,300,000 words translated

Amnesty_sqAmnesty International
Translation and Proofreading
100,000 words translated

Tusk Trust_sqTusk Trust
Translation and Proofreading
170,000 words translated

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