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Mobile Device Translation Services

Trusted Expertise

Over 200 Languages

Choose from more than 200 language combinations from our network of expert linguists.

CAD-Trained Translators

Our Fresh-Thinking Partnerships™ have reaped benefits for clients. These include a three-month time saving by using CAD-trained translators and savings of $250,000 through custom-building APIs.

Translation Memory Savings

You’ll enjoy on average a 20% time-saving on your mobile-devices translation, thanks to innovative Translation Memory management software.

Industry Experience

autocad translation patent translation CTA translation C# translation SQL translations

  • 1,500+ industry-specific linguists
  • 21% average budget saving from sector-specific translation memories
  • 20% average time saving from in-house typesetting
  • 750,000,000 word translation capacity per annum

Precision Translation for the Mobile Devices Industry

In the smartphone and tablet-hardware industries, manufacturing often takes place in a different country to design. In addition, 55% of global consumers say they only buy from websites written in their own language. That means you need accurate translation. It also means that copy must be true to its original tone of voice.

In developed countries, smartphones are pretty much universal. But they’re taking hold in developing countries, too, as a way to access the Internet and web services, often by people who have never owned a PC. That means there’s a huge potential market among people with low levels of English.

Our translators are qualified to at least Masters level. But they also understand all these issues, because they’re industry experts. This means we achieve 99.5% first-time accuracy on translated content. And we retain the flavour of the original text with multilingual online marketing, transcreation and localisation services.

From international design to overseas manufacturing, from marketing to sales, from customer support to repair, and from disposal to refurbishing, our translations support the entire product lifecycle.

Recent Projects

lycamobile translations

Translation and Proofreading
1,700,000 words translated
19 Languages

huawei translation

Translation and Proofreading
Commercial Agreements

Sharp Translations

Sharp Telecommunications
Translation and Proofreading
User Manuals and Strings
9 Languages

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Content We Translate

  • Website Localisation
  • Software and App Localisation
  • Online and Print Marketing
  • Manuals and Guides
  • FAQs
  • Terms and Conditions and EULA
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Technical and Design Documentation
  • Global Supply Chain Correspondence

Industry Insight

lorieal translations case study
可口可乐 vs. iPhone – How do you localise?

The case of two corporations in China tells an interesting story of two quite different approaches to localisation.