“A Woman for Whom Nothing is Impossible” – Jurga Zilinskiene interviewed by Žmonės

Jurga Zilinskiene, the CEO and Founder of Today Translations, has been featured in the Lithuanian magazine Žmonės.

In an interview with Dovilė Lebrikaitė, Editor of Žmonės UK, Jurga discussed her first impressions of the United Kingdom when she arrived in 1995 and the success of the company she founded.

“Leaving my homeland in 1995 feels like a lifetime ago, however I’m proud of my Lithuanian heritage, a little country that produces many great people,” said Jurga. “To be interviewed by Žmonės, a leading Lithuanian magazine, is a great honour.”

In a wide-ranging interview Jurga shared her thoughts on work-life balance, the headlines made by Today Translations’ recruitment of an emoji translator, and even her love of tweed.


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