After Pioneering Security in the Translation Sector, it’s Time for Others to Follow Suit

Becoming the first specialist UK translation company to achieve ISO 27001 certification for data security has proven to be a significant factor in Today Translations’ growth in the past two years.

Not only have we provided our clients with the additional assurance that all documents are handled and translated securely and in strictest confidentiality; certifying our IT systems and multilingual supply chains has been a key differentiator in securing new business, particularly among those firms seeking to have highly sensitive materials translated with a supplier whom they know they can trust.

Speaking to our partners at Berkeley Insurance Group, David Clarke, Today Translations’ Speical Advisor for Anti-corruption and Due Diligence, said that it is now time for companies across all industries to recognise the benefits – both internally and commercially – of adopting international cyber security standards.

Cyber-crime is posing an increasingly severe around the world, putting the repuration and assets of countless businesses and their clients at risk. Firms that recognise the severity and hazardous nature of such mailcious online threats and go the extra mile in limiting their exposure will quickly find themselves securing the trust of an expanding customer base.

So what are you waiting for? Introduce the necessary cyber controls and processes, become a vanguard in your industry and watch your customer base grow.

You can read about Today Translations achieving ISO 27001 certification in Berkeley Insurance Group’s Cyber Bulletin by clicking here.

Image courtesy of Microsoft