Asia-Pacific region ahead of the game in digital advertising

Click-through rates for digital adverts reported being significantly higher in East Asian states than in the more mature North American market.

It’s no surprise that digital advertising is the rising star of the advertising game. A survey published by the online marketing group DG MediaMind revealed that digital advertising currently accounts for 19.8 percent of all worldwide advertising revenue, and will rise to 21.7 percent by the end of this year.

What may come as a surprise, though, is that the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is leading the way in this field, and by quite some distance, too. Particularly when it comes to rich media, East Asia’s click-through rate is significantly higher than North America’s (3.5 percent vs 0.14 percent). That trend is almost consistent across the advertising board, particularly with in-stream video ads, mobile ads, and expandable and polite banners (see infographic below).

Taiwan and China were also reported as the countries with the highest click-through rates for rich media, while in Japan in-stream video advertising has an incredible 77.1 percent full play-through rate.

Companies should take heed of these figures. The potential outreach of digital advertisement in the APAC region is already outshining many many other continents, and will only continue to grow. We expect to see more and more organisations, both globally established and smaller-scale, seize these opportunities and place more focus on engaging potential costumers in the region, whether it be in Korean, Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese or Taiwanese.

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