Can The Language You Speak Determine Your Financial Future?

Language is the skeleton of every society. Understanding each other is essential to everyday living, and it is very easy to take this for granted. That is until we find ourselves in a different country, where language can become a barrier rather than a benefit.
But what if language not only enables our speech but also determines our future?

Speak all about it!

A recent BBC News story entitled “Why speaking English can make you poor when you retire” includes research from a Professor named Keith Chen, who says that during his research he has found proof that the language we speak/grammar we use can affect our finances as well as our health.

He claims that you are unlikely to save for the future, and will most likely smoke a lot and exercise less if you speak English. This would be less likely if you were to speak a language like Mandarin, Yoruba, or Malay.

He argues that using the present tense when speaking of the future can also make the difference between you saving your money, and scraping for it!

Wise Words

Whether you agree with the above theory or not, there is no denying the power of language.

A motivational speaker can encourage change in someone when that person may have never even considered making any changes, to begin with. What creates this change? Not much more than a realisation/recognition of where you require improvements in life.

Although there is research into the grammar of a language and its effect on us, you can also see things from a different perspective. You have the ability to change your financial habits at any stage, but it is all in the mindset you possess. Rather than put it down to the language that we speak, could it be said that our culture and our personal outlook on life is predominantly responsible for the life choices that we make.

Business minded

Although claims have been made as to the disadvantages of the English language, there are still plenty of advantages, particularly from a business aspect. Many multinational companies have, and are, establishing English as their common corporate language. It has fast become the worldwide language of business.

In this global economy, every business is fighting to flourish and “belong” to society, and in order to do so, language barriers must be broken down. However, while English may still stand as a common ground within business services, in many instances taking it for granted would be a mistake.

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