CEO Jurga Zilinskiene Nominated for Lithuanian Entrepreneurial Award

Today Translations CEO Jurga Zilinskiene has been nominated as one of the top business personalities and entrepreneurs in her native Lithuania.

The media project, called “Yra šalis,” commended and nominated Zilinskiene for her business achievements and for promoting Lithuania’s position in international business. You can vote for her by clicking here and pressing on the thumbs up button. You don’t need to register to vote, and can do so once per day.

Click here to vote for Jurga in the “Yra Šalis” awards now, just press the thumbs up button!

The “Yra Šalis” project was designed to show that Lithuania is a nation of intelligent, hard-working and creative personalities. By raising the profiles of its top business men and women, it hopes to also raise the country’s global profile.

Help us in giving Lithuania the international recognition it deserves and in sending Jurga to the top of the pack.

Why vote for our CEO:

* Founded Today Translations in 2001 while still at university.
* Awarded Shell Live Wire award in 2003 for young entrepreneurs.
* Recognized by Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, for organizing a trade mission to Lithuania in 2006, in a bid to boost international trade between Britain and the Baltic states.
* Working closely with the City of London Corporation, she has championed the cause for small to medium-sized enterprises to have better access to funding, advice and training.