Cheryl Cole needs our Geordie Interpreter

The latest celebrity news has it that Newcastle beauty Cheryl Cole is being given “elocution” lessons prior to her debut on the US version of “The X Factor”.

While this may be necessary for the show itself, the Geordie singer may find it irritating if she has to suit American tastes in her every waking moment on Stateside. In short, she could well be in need of Today Translations’ Geordie interpreter service.

When we launched our service, cynics claimed it was a publicity stunt but the reality is, if we are to consider the hard-line taken by Fox network, understanding this judge’s accent is vital to what is big business.

Just because it is show business doesn’t diminish the message; if you cannot communicate with your audience or if they don’t understand you, you’re liable to lose out financially.

US network Fox has ordered Cole to soften her strong regional accent and drop certain phrases that American audiences are deemed not capable of understanding.

In fact if audiences and contestants don’t understand Ms Cole it constitutes a regulatory offence in the eyes of the US broadcasting service.

Cole will be told not to use the word “babe” to describe a pretty girl. Other key words she’s being taught include saying “pants” and not “trousers”, “butt” not “bum” and “cookies” not “biscuits”.

They also want to clamp down on her saying “pet”, a staple part of Geordie everyday speech, which literally means “animal” in the US.

Cole who has been a judged on the UK version of the programme for three years – is thought to be working with Los Angeles voice coach Bob Corff, who has previously worked with Sharon Osbourne.

If she needs a break from repeating and explaining herself to Americans, outside of working hours, she may well turn to Today Translations, and save herself a lot of bother.