Congratulations to Lady Gaga Covering Accordion Player

At Today Translations we work with talented linguists from all over the world, many of whom play musical instruments, including several members of our in-house team.This got us thinking: is there a connection between music and languages? According to a study carried out on over 64 adults by Georgetown University Medical Center, the answer is yes.

So when Lithuanian Martynas Levickis signed a major record deal in the UK this past week, we were very intrigued about his story.

As a fellow bilingual Lithuanian and English speaker, our CEO Jurga Zilinskiene, was very excited to hear about his achievements. At only 22, Martynas is already an accomplished accordion player and studied at the prestigious Royal Academy of Music in London. After winning Lithuania’s Got Talent, Martynas became increasingly popular and has now recorded his first album, which will be released this summer.

While the accordion is not a popular instrument amongst young people, Martynas has clearly succeeded in breaking the mold. His first album will include classical standards such as Rondo Alla Turca, but what really appealed to us is his cover of Telephone by Lady Gaga.

Wondering what all the hype is about? We’ve included the video below:

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