Good luck to everyone competing in Tenner competition!

We became giddy with excitement and curiosity when we came across the Tenner scheme, a competition encouraging young people to launch a business initiative on the back of only a £10 note.

The Tenner, which is spearheaded by Young Enterprise, the UK’s largest business and enterprise education charity, will see students across the UK receive £10 from their teachers on May 1st. Put simply, youngsters then have a month to try and make as much profit as they can (no gambling allowed!).

Big figures in the UK business world have gotten behind the scheme, including Virgin founder Richard Branson, Apprentice winner Lee McQueen and the UK Government business secretary, Vince Cable.

The scheme certainly resonated with our managing director, Jurga Zilinskiene, who immersed herself in the world of business from the young age of six by selling seeds out of the loft of her family home.

So, at Today Translations, we all got to thinking: what business would be start with a humble £10 investment? After a quick brainstorming session, we thought that a small popcorn business might work – staying true to the idea of building a business out of seeds and kernels.

And when we did the maths, the numbers certainly seemed encouraging. And the process seemed so easy. See the video below:

At Today Translations, we’d like to wish every school pupil taking part in the Tenner initiative the best of luck. Today’s inspired students are tomorrow’s business leaders.