Here’s your chance to sell to the world

Ambitious British business leaders are bracing themselves for something truly great next year.

After the spectacular success of London 2012, the eyes of the world will once again be keenly focused on Great Britain next summer, when Liverpool hosts the International Festival for Business (IFB), the city’s very own “Enterprise Olympiad”.

The festival will showcase the best of British industry on a global stage, hosting a remarkable quarter of a million business professionals with more than 100 events over six weeks next June and July.

The IFB’s ultimate goal is to accelerate the UK’s economic growth over the coming years by championing UK businesses to new markets and partners by connecting some of the country’s best entrepreneurial minds with the best business opportunities from around the world.

This is UK plc’s chance to show the world the truly great things it can offer.

Britain boasts one of the world’s most innovative manufacturing sectors, but domestic demand still largely overshadows export numbers. The 2014 International Festival for Business seeks to change that, promising to deliver the catalyst to double UK exports by 2020.

This is a fantastic opportunity for UK plc and Today Translations will be a part of it.

With delegates arriving from all over the world, British businesses striving to form partnerships and compete in the global market need to utilise their cultural intelligence to understand what form of market environment they’re entering, what manner of cultural etiquette they should apply, and what localisation pitfalls they ought to look out for.

Our diverse range of services – from professional translation and interpreting, to cultural consultation briefings and advice on international procurement and due diligence – are designed to help businesses both from the UK and abroad expand their scope into new markets and engage with new audiences and consumer bases.

Great Britain is the place to do business and if anyone needs convincing of this, we strongly advise you visit the festival.

To find out how your business can get involved at IFB 2014, visit their website by clicking here.

We hope to see you there!