Learn Romanian with Dracula

Halloween is this week, which means all kinds of tricks, treats, and ghoulish creatures are soon to appear. Arguably one of Halloween’s the most iconic characters is Count Dracula, the title character from Bram Stoker’s 1897 novel. Dracula is said to be inspired by Romanian Prince Vlad, better known as Vlad The Impaler.

Along with our upcoming radio theatre performance of Dracula, we thought now is the perfect time to learn some Romanian. Below are a few haunting phrases:

1. You have a lovely neck.
Ai un gât frumos.
/I oon güt froo-mos./

2. Beware the children of the night.
Feriţi-vă de Copiii Nopţii.
/Fe-ree-tsi-ver de co-pee-y nop-tsiy./

3. The undead are all around us.
Strigoii sunt peste tot.
/Stree-go’-eey soont pes-te tot./

4. Garlic to ward off the vampire.
Usturoi să alunge vampirul.
/Oos-too-roy ser alun-ger vam-pee-rul./

5. A cross to guard against evil.
O cruce să alunge demonul.
/O croo-che ser alun-ger de-mo-nul./

6. Welcome to Transylvania!
Bine aţi venit în Transilvania!
/Bee-ne ats’ ve-neet ün Tran-sil-va-ni-a./

7. Welcome to my house.
Bine aţi venit în casa mea.
/Bee-ne ats’ ve-neet ün ca-sa mya./

8. Come freely, go safely.
Veniţi în voie, plecaţi nevătămaţi.
/Ve-neets’ ün vo-ye, ple-kats’ ne-ver-ter-mats’./

9. And leave something of the happiness you bring.
Şi lăsaţi ceva din fericirea voastră.
/Shi ler-sats’ che-va din fe-ree-chee-rya voa-strer./

10. The vampire must return to its burial place by sunrise.
Vampirul trebuie să se intoarcă la mormântul său până la răsărit.
/Vam-pee-rul tre-boo-ye ser se ün-toar-ker la mor-mün-tool sau pü-ner la rer-ser-reet./

11.Vlad The Impaler
Vlad Ţepeş
/Vlad Tse-pesh/