Mango’s “Slave Style” and the Vital Role of Translations In E-commerce

Some people claim they are slaves to fashion. Recently, Spanish fashion retailer Mango was forced to apologise after they took the saying too far by advertising “Slave style” jewellery on their website.

The two bracelets and a necklace were removed after launched a petition titled “Slavery Is Not Fashion” in regards to the jewellery bearing the description “Esclave,” meaning “Slave” in French.

After the petition attracted more than 5,800 signatures, Mango issued their apology via Twitter, stating that the labels were the result of a translation error. Actresses Aïssa Maïga and Sonia Rolland, who started the petition wrote, “This jewellery is meant to make an object of fantasy and fashion out of slavery. Mango is trivializing tragedies – that still today have an impact on millions of human beings across the world.”

Frankly, there should be no space for mistranslations in the e-commerce market. A global retailer of Mango’s stature attracts customers from all corners of the world, making its multilingual communication streams a vital component of its business. Had the right strategy and precautions been in place, such a serious mistranslation would never have occurred.

One should not underestimate the size and scale of the e-commerce market. In 2012, over $1 trillion was spent online, while in the Asia-Pacific region sales increased by 33 per cent from the previous year. This market is ever-growing and shows no sign of slowing down. The potential return, therefore, for a properly translated and optimized commerce website is vast. By hiring professional translators, you can feel confident that all your products and messages are communicated properly, enabling you to sell your brand to customers all over the world.

Today Translations are able to understand both your business as well as your target market, ensuring that your message is clearly communicated and that your brand values and reputation remains intact or, ideally, is enhanced. Only a professional translation service with capabilities in over two hundred languages is able to offer this level of service and dedication.

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