Marathon ban on Aga Man

We are sad to hear that Aga Man Pete Digby, a close friend of Today Translations, has had to cancel his bid to run the London Marathon pulling an AGA oven.

Despite pulling all the string possible to comply with the marathon’s rules and regulations, Pete was told that we would not be permitted to run with the AGA, which he had christened Agatha. You can read about Pete’s vigorous training schedule and the technological mechanisms that were implemented here when he came in to speak with Today Translations.

Was it one white good too many for the London Marathon organisers? In 2010, Pete ran the entire 26.2 miles with a 50lb fridge strapped to his back, and in 2011 with a 100lb washing machine.

Pete said that he was devastated by the news and that it might slow donations to his cause, the Afghan Trust. “The word gutted does not even come into it,” he said.

He will run the London Marathon regardless and plans to complete a 26.2-mile run pulling Agatha soon, though it won’t be during the Marathon.