Meet 尚日 Evernoon our new partner in Hong Kong

We are pleased to introduce 尚日, English name Evernoon, Guildhawk’s new technology partner in Hong Kong. Guildhawk entered the Hong Kong market virtually during the pandemic. This resulted in a joint venture with Gammon Construction (HK). Together we are creating new AI-powered technologies to make smart cities of the future safer.

Improving international trade and construction safety

The UK Department for International Trade (DiT) and InvestHK, have provided Guildhawk with extraordinary support to expand our trade. Infrastructure projects are growing at a remarkable rate in SE Asia. Thus, demand is increasing for Guildhawk’s new construction and property technologies powered by AI. Software solutions like training and safety apps help protect the workforce and improve productivity. That can be a challenge when workers are drawn from many countries. We work with partners to create solutions using AI powered by multilingual data that is verified.

Sunshine, aspiration and AI

Sunshine brings new light and warmth to life on earth every day.

The name 尚日, Evernoon, reflects the shared aspiration for creating a better tomorrow, today.

Learn more about 尚日 Evernoon

Visit the new 尚日, Evernoon website to learn more about our shared mission: To build safer, greener, happier communities with new AI that inspires.