Next week: How to survive and thrive as a migrant entrepreneur

The origins and traditions of the City of London certainly still ring true today.

From its founding under the Romans as a trading post between the island and the rest of the Roman Empire, to its status today as one of the world’s leading financial hubs, the City of London has always had a global scope when it comes to outward and inward investment.

Given the Square Mile’s global status, business professionals from around the world strive to open up shop in the area.

As a Lithuanian migrant from humble beginnings, it’s been a long journey to establishing my own enterprise in the City, but during my time here, I’ve worked hard to embrace the City of London’s spirit, and have even been honoured to receive the Freedom of the City of London, fellowship of one of the world’s oldest trade bodies, an award from Shell International and recognition from HRH Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh. .

As the UK continues to lift itself out of the recession, migrant and entrepreneurs and business professionals are once again coming to London and the Square Mile at a healthy pace.

The City, however, is a truly unique place, reaped in tradition and history, and I can imagine that many migrants will feel as lost as I did when I first arrived on these shores.

If you are new to the City – whether you’re from my home country of Lithuania or from Russia, China, Brazil or anywhere else for that matter, I hope you fully embrace the opportunities the City presents and you succeed.