Take the Stress out of Technical Translation with Our Free Guide

A German appliance company was once forced to recall a product and compensate users due to a translation error.

The translator of the bread making machine’s manual had confused the word for “steam” (Dampf) with “smoke” (Rauch), causing customers to ignore toxic fumes from faulty models.

One wrong word can cause all the difference when it comes to technical translations

The Correct Way to do Technical Translations

The problem is it’s not easy to choose a translations agency with so many different factors to consider. Do they have qualified linguists with experience in the relevant industry? Have you translated materials in the past or have documents in the target language? Will you be translating similar documents in the future and do you need to ensure consistency?

That’s why we decided to put together a handy, complete guide to Technical Translation; from how to choose the best translation agency to how to prepare your documents for translation to speed up the process.

And best of all: it’s completely free! Just click the link below.

The Free Guide to Technical Translations