The World’s First Emoji Translator

After a long worldwide search, Today Translations is proud to announce our new team member Keith Broni as the world’s first Emoji Translator!

Introducing the world’s first emoji translation expert

That successful candidate is Keith Broni. Keith is an Irishman who recently graduated from University College London with an MSc in Business Psychology. You can read more about Keith and why he got the job here.

“I sent in my application pretty much immediately after seeing one of the news articles covering the position,” said Keith. “There is no doubt that emoji are powerful communicative tools, enabling emotional expression and understanding particularly where there might be traditional language barriers. However, we know that not every culture interprets the same emoji in the same way. By helping companies and organisations understand those differences, I plan to make a real difference in the world of global communication.”

Some of Keith’s forthcoming emoji projects include:

It all began with a job advert…

A few months ago, Today Translations posted an advertisement for an “Emoji Translator/Specialist.”

We have always prided ourselves on staying abreast of the latest new language trends, in order to meet our client’s needs. As emoji usage around the world has increased rapidly in the last few years, so has confusion about their meaning and usage – both within and between different cultures. Realising that, in a globalised world, companies will soon need to ask themselves questions like “are the emojis in our advertising suitable for China?” (or whichever country it may be), Today Translations sought out an expert who has the answers.

We were expecting maybe a few raised eyebrows and questions when we posted the admittedly unusual advert, but nothing could have prepared us for the response. The story was featured on BBC News, CNN, VICE News, and many others.

This media coverage in turn resulted in well over 500 talented applicants from all over the world. After a lengthy assessment and interview process, Today Translations is proud to announce that we have narrowed down the field to a successful candidate.

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