Theory of Prosperity Competition – The Top 10

The beginning of a new year has many of us wishing for a comfortable and prosperous lifestyle, for ourselves and our loved ones.

However, the wretched economic climate means that we have all confronted hardships, encountered constraints and made sacrifices during these past few years. In 2012, the term “austerity” unfortunately became one of the buzzwords of that year. Enough is enough – we are as tired of this as you are!

That is why at Today Translations, we asked our clients and linguists to devise a mathematical formula designed to bring prosperity to 2013. The rules were minimal; those who took part could be as inventive as they wished.

We were overwhelmed by responses we received – from the funny to the absurd, the reflective to the inspirational. We’re thankful to everyone who took part and helped spread the word.

And so, on to the winning entry and a depiction of what prosperity might look like in 2013, courtesy of Today Translations’ artist.


This is what prosperity looks like. That is, according to Romain Bohbote from First Energy, who we are delighted to announce is the winner of our ‘Theory of Prosperity’ competition. (See the top-ten list for the formula.) Congratulations Romain, a case of wine is coming your way!

Finally because we were so delighted by the volume and quality of the responses we received, we’ve compiled our top ten submitted formulas. Please join us in congratulating every one who made the list!

The Top Ten

1. Romain Bohbote, First Energy


2. Diana Okoeva, Laura Devine


3. Steve Woods, Oil Spill Response


4. Ben Rosen, Inspiring Interns


5. Matthew Alderwick, Sleeping Giant Media


6. Mark Uribe, Honorary British Consul Lithuania


7. Amanda Jorgensen


8. Giuliano Boscaino, Italian Linguist.


9. Julian Burns, European Bank of Reconstruction and Development


10. Chris Clark, Clark Marketing


Of course, we feel inclined to say that we cannot guarantee Romain’s fantastically bizarre formula will immediately spark life into sluggish economies, but it is definitely a refreshing approach to responsible spending. And while the formula may be considered controversial in some aspects, the judging panel thought that the imagination and humour put into it made it worthy of the top spot and a demonstration of it being put into action.

We would also like to give a special mention to our linguist Ljilijana Krstic, who, instead of submitting a formula, reminded us that, in order to find prosperity in our lives, sometimes all it takes is a simple rule:

Don’t wait for what you like to come your way – like what you have! Everything done with love brings prosperity. Or, as the musician Billy Preston once sang, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”

We hope you have a prosperous year. Share the secret with a friend so that you can prosper together!