Tip No.1: Value your heritage but embrace British culture

I’ll start off with one of the simplest yet most important (and often neglected!) points to succeeding as an entrepreneur in the UK’s business wilderness. As a migrant entrepreneur, you have a fantastic leverage in utilising both your home-nation’s heritage and the opportunities offered by your new host country.

The British are inherently proud of their culture and the City of London boasts a culture all of its own. This is no doubt reflected in how the British do business, which, despite the geography, is quite different to what the rest of Europe is used to and more in tune with their American cousins.

But without a doubt, embracing and adapting to the best of the British model will benefit you and your UK organisation.

The corporate environment may be strikingly different to what you’re used to back home. The way business meetings are conducted, negotiations are handled and deals are agreed on may all be symptoms of culture shock for migrants. But that said, you’ll need to adapt to the British, not them to you. But look on the bright side – on Friday evenings, the local pubs often becomes the company board rooms.

Obviously this doesn’t mean you ought to neglect your roots entirely. Quite the contrary, your roots are hugely important in defining who you are and can be used to your advantage.

Whatever you may have heard about the British, they are fascinated by foreigners and how they work in a corporate setting. Their interest in you may just begin with your migrant status.

And, if like me you’re from a small country, and your business grows and begins reaping the rewards, your home nation will surely take notice and, who knows, you may even establish a large client base or be invited to collaborate with some interesting businesses.

So got out an embrace and the incredibly rich local culture out there, but never forget where you came from.