Today Translations adds CMS Cameron McKenna to client list just in time for the Lord Mayor’s Parade

Saturday November 9th is the Honourable Lord Mayor’s parade in the City of London, where Fiona Woolf of CMS Cameron McKenna will become only the second woman in the institution’s 800-year history to don the ceremonial ermine and tricorn.

To celebrate this historic moment, the Women in the City & Livery float will be third from the front during Saturday’s parade, a greatly privileged position, which will surely be covered by the media’s cameras.

As myself and the other Women in the City walk alongside the float, we will all be sporting coats and outfits designed by British fashion houses, celebrating the Made in Britain mark. I might, however, take the liberty in adding my own stylistic touch, celebrating both Britain and my own heritage.

I’d like to take this chance to also thank CMS Cameron McKenna for choosing to work with Today Translations, and Fiona for promoting the Women in the City & Livery float so close to the front of the parade.

Here’s to a wonderful year as the Honourable Lord Mayor.