Today Translations gifts Scottish Gaelic version of the Constitution of Užipis

On January 25, 2019, to commemorate the birthday of renowned Scottish poet and national icon Robert Burns, the Constitution of the Republic of Užupis written in Scottish Gaelic will be unveiled. The translation has been donated by Today Translations, in collaboration with the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania and the community of Užupis.

Užupis is a unique neighbourhood of artists and free-thinkers in the Lithuanian capital, Vilnius, that declared independence in 1997 along with establishing its own flag, unofficial currency, president, cabinet of ministers, constitution, and anthem. The Constitutional Wall of the Republic of Užupis, which is decorated with versions of the constitution in over 30 different languages, will add Scottish Gaelic this evening.

Jurga Zilinskiene, CEO & Founder of Today Translations, said: “Lithuania and the Constitution of the Republic of Užupis are great examples of honouring other nations in a way that properly reflects their cultural heritage. Language is a medium that takes us to other countries and allows us to dive into their stories. Our team were delighted to translate this beautiful text and spread the words of wisdom recorded in the Užupis Constitution.”

“This event brings together two small but very proud nations – the Scottish Gaels and the people of Užupis. Their common thread shows how small groups can become a source of great ideas. In other words, Užupis is the heart of Vilnius, and Gael is the heart of Scotland,” added Chris Butler, chairman of the board of the British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania.

“We are delighted that Scottish Gaelic will be added to the Constitutional Wall of Užupis, and especially delighted that it will take place on Burns’ Day,” said Tomas Čepaitis, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Užupis.