Today Translations translates for the Graham Norton Show

Famous talk shows need famous people. We are proud to announce our German interpreting services are being supplied to the Graham Norton Show for the first episode of the brand new series. You can watch the start of Series 12, tonight at 10:35 pm on BBC1.

The distinguished guests are Arnold Schwarzenegger, Miranda Hart, Ronnie Corbett and Usher. Peter Urdl, Arnold’s friend and curator of the Arnold Schwarzenegger Museum in Austria features in tonight’s show and Today Translations have provided a professional interpreter for the guests.

Arnold’s childhood home in Austria opened as a museum in 2011. Since then it has received thousands of worldwide tourists, curious to see the roots of the former governor of California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger remains one of the most powerful figures in celebrity and certainly amongst the most famous Austrians. Located in his childhood house in Thal village, near the city of Graz, the museum tells the humble origins of a most successful person. It is proof that dreams should be pursued.

The rise of a global superstar

Arnold lived with his family in a rather modest house, occupying the first floor flat. He lived there from his birth in 1947 until 1966 when he knew he had to pursue his dream. The flat had no electricity or running water. These details highlight Arnold’s determination and motivation.

Schwarzenegger began weight training at the age of 15 and at 20 he won the Mr Universe title. The bodybuilding days won him the title of the Austrian Oak and he later became a Hollywood icon. From 2003 until 2011 he served as governor of California.

Translating success

At Today Translations, we know that language is not just transmitting a message, but having the message received and understood. That’s why our professional interpretation services are regularly used for media appearances, conferences and events.

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