What should Jurga ask Sir Richard Branson?

We are delighted to announce that Jurga Zilinskiene, managing director of Today Translations, will be speaking at Forum One in Lithuania, one of Eastern Europe’s flagship business events.

The forum’s keynote speaker will be Sir Richard Branson, Britain’s most renowned serial entrepreneur and the founder of Virgin Group.

The two will surely cross paths, which got us thinking: if you could ask one question – and one question only – to Sir Richard, what would it be?

Less successful suggestions floated around the office have included, “How fast will your space shuttle travel?” and “How many islands do you own?”

Forum One takes place on the 1st and 2nd of June in Kaunas, Lithuania – Jurga’s hometown. It will feature other prominent business leaders and speakers, including German motivational speaker Bodo Shaefer and frequent TED talks contributor Rives.

Jurga will be on stage shortly before Branson, taking part in a panel, part of the World Lithuanian Economic Forum (WLEF), exploring what the rest of the world can learn from Eastern European / Baltic / Lithuanian business leaders and personas.

Three points she’ll be looking to discuss include:

* Why the Baltic States are in a unique position to pioneer a new and exciting way of doing business.
* How businesses can benefit from embracing Corporate Social Responsibility.
* What role information technology can play in CSR.

She’ll be joined by Peter Boyd, COO of the Carbon War Room; James Oates, General Director of Cicero Capital; Ilja Laurs, founder of GetJar, the biggest independent mobile application platform; John Mack, CEO of the Asia Pacific UTIL Group; Francisco Ricardo Blagevitch, founder and president of Asyst International, one of Brazil’s largest IT companies.

The next day, Jurga will travel to Vilnius to take part in the one-day WLEF event, where she’ll take part in a panel discussion entitled “Entrepreneurship Technology and Progress.”

Naturally, we’re hugely looking forward to what promises to be a fantastic week in Lithuania, and we wish Jurga (and Mr Branson) the best of luck.

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