When will big data analytics stop the phishing websites?

I advise on security at Today Translations, a leading translation company. They don’t use cold calling thankfully. This weekend I was reminded of one reason why I don’t like it.
Most Saturday mornings I get one of those millions of scam phone calls from a rather polite lady with an Indian accent, telling me she was from a computer centre that monitors my home PC and that they had detected lots of errors on my system. She wanted me to check my PC and see these errors and then log onto a website address that would help me – how considerate. I sometimes strike up a conversation to see how long they will stay on the line before they get fed up with me – reduces the time they have to try scam others.

This time I waited for her to give me the web address she wanted me to visit before hanging up. I then reported the incident to Action Fraud who treated this as a crime as I have received so many similar calls. The call handler assured me the report would be passed to the NFIB to analyse and hopefully block the website.

It’s sad that so many vulnerable people can fall prey to these calls – how long will it be before big data can identify phishing sites and block them before the calls start?

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