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Translation Services for the PR Industry


Trusted Expertise

On-time Delivery

We meet 99.8% of our deadlines. That’s due to APM-qualified project managers and a sound risk- and change-management framework.

First-Time Accuracy

We get 99.5% of translated content right the first time. That’s down to native translators with at least a Masters degree and deep sector understanding. We also offer rigorous project management and Translation Memory management.

Translation Memory Saves 20%

You can make a saving of around 20% with our Translation Memory management service, which remembers previously translated phrases to assist translators.

Industry Experience

cipr translation eacd translation iabc translation prsa translation ipra translations

  • 1,200+ industry-specific linguists
  • 21% average budget saving from sector-specific translation memories
  • 20% average time saving from in-house typesetting
  • 600,000,000 word translation capacity per annum for marketing

Fast, Accurate PR campaign and Press Release Translation

PR moves fast. Press releases get drafted and distributed around the world in short timeframes. When it comes to translation, you need a fast, adaptable service.

With over 2500 highly qualified linguists in our global network, we can react quickly with a scalable service. And we’re always on hand to make last-minute changes.

But speed is only half the battle. Translations must be absolutely perfect, or miscommunication or worse could result. What’s more, they must be localised or transcreated. Failure to do so could seriously harm your brand.

That’s why we employ only native, experienced translators with a postgraduate qualification in their languages. The linguists assigned to your project will also have verified PR credentials. And they’ll also know how to localise (make it culturally appropriate) and transcreate (write from scratch in the correct tone).

We back this service up with Translation Memory management, which ensures consistency and reduces costs across different releases for the same client and multichannel campaigns.

Recent Projects

world pr translations

Translation and Proofreading
880,000 words translated
24 Languages

weber shandwick translation

Weber Shandwick
Translation and Proofreading
7 Languages

fleishman hillard translations

Translation and Proofreading
6 Languages

Content We Translate

  • Press Releases
  • Online and Print Media
  • Case Studies
  • Advertorials
  • News Articles
  • Features
  • Interviews

Industry Insight

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